Dave began working with wood when he was a child making wooden puppets, wood turnings and whatever caught his fancy. Like his father and grandfather before him who were both house builders and woodworkers, Dave loved working with wood and had many projects in the works. Using his father’s tools, he was always putting something together.

Dave began his formal training at Keene State College in the sixties where he studied Industrial Arts. His two favorite courses were Architecture and Woodworking. From Keene, he went on to graduate school at the University of Northern Colorado where he earned a Master of Arts degree. For nearly forty years, he has designed and constructed a wide variety of wooden pieces including chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, lamps, guitars, ukuleles, bowls and fountain pens.

For over thirty years, Dave taught woodworking, architecture, welding and sculpture to Hanover High School students and adults in the communites of Hanover, New Hampshire and Norwich, Vermont. In his spare time he threw pots on a large kick wheel in his basement studio. For the past four years, he has concentrated on hallway tables with marble insert tops.

“I want to build honest tables of solid native hardwoods without the use of plywood or veneers. I plan the joints so that seasonal changes, due to moisture, will not cause the table to come apart.”

Dave can also custom design and build pieces for customers with special requirements.