The Woods

These tables are made by hand of solid North American hardwoods: walnut, yellow birch, cherry, and butternut. No plywood is used (unless otherwise stated). Alternate woods can be used upon request.

The Top

The miter joints in the top have 1/8-inch reinforcing hardwood splines across the grain. This ensures that the miter joint, a beautiful but weak joint, will stay together. The top is attached to the rails with wood screws.

The Frame

Frames are constructed with mortise and tenon joinery. This superior joint system is used to fasten the legs to the rails. The table cannot be taken apart for shipping – it must be shipped assembled.

The Drawers

All drawers are made with yellow birch sides and back. Dovetail and dado joints are used to construct the drawer(s). Drawer bottoms are made of butternut and are held in place with a groove joint in all four pieces.

The Marble Inserts

The marble inserts are glued to the top with silicone rubber.

The Finish

Each table is hand sanded to 600 grit. I use five coats of hand rubbed tung oil finish to bring out the beautiful color of the wood. Beeswax is polished into the final finish. I use no stains. The deep color of the wood comes from natural darkening when the tung oil saturates the wood. Ambient light also darkens the wood over time. Do not place the table in direct sunlight because direct sunlight might cause uneven darkening, especially around objects placed on top of the table. Place any objects on top of the marble pieces.

Caring For Your Table

A light furniture polish will help maintain the natural look. Wax the drawer sides and slides occasionally to keep them free moving. A light coating of wax on the marble will help to keep it clean and stain free.